Terms and Conditions

Hereto below are the Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use of this website, including the on line shop.

By approving these terms & conditions and confirming your order, a binding agreement is entered into. Should Clay By Mi, for any reason, be unable to deliver in accordance with the terms in the confirmation of order, you will be contacted and you will have the opportunity to modify or cancel the order.

Product Description

By choosing to buy a genuine handmade product, I am sure that you are aware of the unicity of the production process and of the outcome. This artisanal unicity may lead to slight differences between the actual product and the one represented on the website or depicted in your expectations. Clay By Mi declares that every effort has been made to ensure description, pictures, details and information are correct and accurate. However, differences may occur in color, texture and minor characteristics. In addition, product specifications may change slightly when the production process starts, after your purchase order.

Again, this is not intended to fail your expectations; on the contrary, it eventually increases the value of your purchase by making the object a recognizable, unique and beautiful handmade work.

Please note that all measures on this website are approximate.


Clay By Mi will communicate with you about the fulfillment process, from the order to the shipment. When it is possible, Clay By Mi will provide you with the shipment track code to let you track the expedition. Clay By Mi will operate shipments using primary logistics vector in order to assure a reasonable trade of between the minimum delivery time possible and the best service conditions.

Unless otherwise specified, production process may take up to 3 weeks. This means that, from the day of your order, you should wait up to 21 calendar days before the shipment starts; in most cases, it takes less than that. This is because my work at Clay By Mi is genuine artisan work, and I may require time to gather materials upon your order, design the object and realize it considering the existing production pipeline at the moment of your purchase. Sometimes, it may happen that the production process delays over 21 days; should this be the case, you will promptly be notified and asked for some patience. I personally do every activity at Clay By Mi, therefore I hope you will excuse schedule issues that may happen from time to time.

After the shipment has started, I will provide you with a track code, if available, and notify you.

Payment is managed through the payment service that you will choose during your purchasing process and I will not collect or manage any data or have any relationship with the payment service provider.

Prices are shown excluding VAT (if any), other taxes (if any) and shipment cost; shipment cost is automatically calculated during the checkout process according to the shipment address location.


Should Clay By Mi, for any reason, be unable to fulfill the order, you will be given the option of a refund; or of an exchange with other product proposed by Clay Bi Mi; or of having the order charged to you and then sent on when the time comes that it is possible to fulfill it again (within a reasonable and agreed amount of time).

Force Majeure

Clay By Mi has the right to assert force majeure in the event of war, warlike event, civil war, revolution, government sanction, strike, lockout, blockade, natural disaster or the like. This means that the agreement will not need to be fulfilled in part or in full. Should this, contrary to expectation, occur, Clay By Mi would attempt to notify you.

Age Restrictions

Parental or guardian consent is required for customers under the age of 18. The name and telephone number of the person giving consent shall be communicated by the customer entering them in the message box at the checkout. If not clearly specified by the customers, Clay By Mi has the right to consider every order as done by an adult.


From time to time, you will receive information from me and my job. It will not be hurting or disturbing content ad it will not happen at crazy frequency. It will be about my ceramic activity and will contain information that might interest you, as I consider each customer with respect and appreciation, and I hope you might like to stay involved in what I do even after your purchase.