Unique Handmade Ceramics

I design and produce handmade ceramics using one of the most ancient techniques: the Coiling Technique. Each object is unique, shaped trough a gentle roll over of clay coils

Ceramic is an emotional material, it is good for making accessories for Her, furniture for the Table, lamps and Light cases, Pottery in general and much more. Visit the Gallery to discover more

I also make special lines of products for gift ideas and fancy sweet boxes and bombonnieres for events

Design is one of the most exciting phases of my work. I always have my sketchbook with me so that I can catch the inspiration whenever it comes! Do you want to join an enthusiastic creative process? Then, let’s design together your custom piece! I am open to every possibility, no limits to creativity! Visit the Custom Design page for more information

I am based in Rome, here is where my work takes place and my inspiration grows. If you are here, or you plan to visit The Eternal City, you can consider taking one of my ceramic courses where you can get the basics of the coiling technique and make your own handmade clay piece, all without any previous experience required

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Arts and Crafts Today

June 7th, 2019|

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. (William Morris, The Beauty of Life, 1880) “To give people pleasure in the things they must [...]

  • Shape Research

Chasing a Shape

April 5th, 2019|

Looking at the ceramic production of the past is a way to find my own style. It is incredible how a material soft as clay can be transformed into a solid and durable object. [...]

  • Thoughts of an artisan

Thoughts of an artisan

February 15th, 2019|

Shaping the clay requires long time, patience, concentration and confidence in the results... all mental attitudes that require serenity, break for a while the often too hectic pace of everyday life. Every time to [...]

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Clay By Mi

La forma è la cosa che più mi interessa, la decorazione conta ma viene dopo.
Mi capita spesso di incantarmi a guardare un oggetto d'argilla appena creato, contemplare la sua forma per cercare di capire come poterla esaltare nel momento in cui inizierò a dipingerla o ad inciderla. Questo passaggio a volte è immediato e intuitivo altre volte è più difficoltoso ed è allora che mi incanto, scruto con attenzione e mi immagino le possibili soluzioni.

Shape is the thing that interests me most, decoration counts but comes later. I often get enchanted by looking at a newly created clay object, contemplating its shape and try to understand how to bring it out when I will start painting or engraving it. This step is sometimes immediate and intuitive other times it is more hard and that is when I get enchanted, I scrutinize carefully and I imagine the possible solutions.

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