July 2018 | Kickstarter Campaign

After a period of struggling brainstorming and two important events in my life, having no money to invest, I decided to take courage and start

I had to think a lot about it. Was it the right thing to do? To twist my life and the life of my family and try a new difficult and ambitious path? The answer has been yes, and now I am a ceramist!

Two main milestones brought me here today.

In 2009 some friends signed me to a clay class as a gift for my degree. Since then, I developed my passion for clay, making it my hobby, my happy island when I wanted to find some satisfying calm and spread creativity. After all these years, I know I have passion for it and I know I can realize almost whatever I want shaping coils of clay. No limits to creativity!

The second main event has been the birth of my daughter in 2016. Everything has changed since then and I am living one of the most incredible life experiences. Being a mother is beautiful, and there is really nothing more to add. Like all the beautiful things in life, this came with a negative part also: I lost my job. After maternity leave, I realized that there was no more place for me at my former job.

After this, a thought started to became bigger and bigger in my mind. What if I invest only on myself and try to make a job out of my passion? In early 2018 I was sure that this was gonna be the path. But there was no money to invest. And here it comes Kickstarter, this amazing crowdfunding platform where you can public your idea, your project, your ambition and expectation and see if other people find it worth to support you.

Well, they did! And that is how it all started!

Kickstarter Campaign

Watch here the Campaign Video and visit the Blog page if you want to know more about this first step and other “Stories from a Ceramist”