Sometimes it takes time to gather the courage to risk and spend energy in a new adventure, in an idea, in a dream. Courage often joins the hand of chance or fate that sneaks into your life diverting unexpectedly the direction already taken.

This is exactly what happened to me: three years ago my life was messed up by the arrival of my beautiful daughter, after a while I lost my job and then I resumed my old passion for ceramic, taking it more seriously and determined to turn my hobby into my job.

It hasn’t been easy. At the beginning, I practiced a lot, I did many ugly objects and I had many doubts, then I started to have my first satisfactions, to open the oven and feel happy about the results. The Coiling Technique requires time and patience. The clay is worked in the form of ropes (called colombini), which are slowly and gently rolled over each other giving shape to the object. You have to try and try again before managing to handle the clay perfectly and create a nice and unique piece

At one point I realized that I needed a support to make a new step in order to become a ceramist: I needed my own kiln to increase production. With my partner, we decided to rely on crowdfunding and we turned to Kickstarter and it worked. It was fun, challenging, sometimes embarrassing because I am not used to appear in public. In a month, we managed to collect donations from all over the world, reaching and exceeding the amount I needed to buy the kiln. Today the new adventure has begun, it will be challenging but I’m ready to carry it on!