The last week the kiln has arrived. This huge green cube of 150 kilos is on my terrace. It can exceed 1000 °C (1832 °F). It is powerful and gentle at the same time, increasing temperature at a slow rate, in order to allow a smooth drying of the clay.

After all the path that led me here and the successful Kickstarter, I can increase the production and cook on my own.

Becoming a ceramist is a long way, built step by step … and I think that the arrival of the oven makes me go forward one step (a big step!) in my path.

I did a little test and it seems to work very well, I can’t wait to cook my first objects.

The cooking process, which lasts about 22 hours, creates expectations, and can produce disappointments or great satisfaction. Open the kiln, wait for the hot air to flow away, see the objects in their new dry guise and check that they are cooked well, that nothing has broken and the colours have come as you wanted. It is really exciting!

My working schedule is going to be very busy in the next days, as I am finally starting to produce objects promised as rewards for my Kickstarter. So, the kiln will have to do his job several times…now it is time to start shaping clay!