Shape Your Own Clay Object

My studio will be fully operational in 2020, but in the meantime I partner with two cozy spaces (Associazione Arcobaleno, Teatro Ygramul) in the center of Rome to host my Ceramic Workshops and Classes

The Airbnb Experience is designed for everyone, there is no need of previous experience in shaping clay. The experience will allow you to work with Coiling Technique, one of the oldest techniques in modeling clay.

During the workshop you will be introduced to the basics of the Coiling Technique. You will shape your own object and, at the end, it will be yours to take away.

First of all, we will do some design work, making a simple sketch to visualize the object that you want to create and to figure out what will be the size of it.

After that, we will cut a piece of clay and start working on it, we have to make sure there are no air bubbles in our clay block. From this block we will prepare the base and shape the coils. Then, we will  start to roll the coils over one another, gently modeling the object. Finally, we will give the final touch: smooth the outside and inside surface.

Duration is three hours

Location: San Saba, Rome


“Ceramic Class” | Experience a continuous weekly program | 2 hours every session

The Evening Class is focused on the learning of the Coil Technique and the experimentation of some decorative techniques such as the use of ingobbi (colors clay based), engraving and texture. The lessons provides a gradual acquisition of manual skills; we will start from modeling simple shapes with a cylindrical base to achieving more and more complex shapes.

The class is open to everyone, no previous knowledge is needed, but at the same time, those who are already familiar with the working of clay will have the opportunity to learn about a new technique or to refine their skills. In fact, the lessons includes the participation of a limited number of people, allowing me to follow each of them carefully, respecting times and attitudes of each participant.

The class also includes an introduction to processing equipment, to the types of clay mixtures, to raw materials, to processing and production systems, to the types of colors and coatings, to fire systems.

The class will be held every Monday and it will last two hours, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

For more information and reservations, write to

“Ceramic Immersive Workshop” | Give Colour To Your Creation | 6 hours spread in 2 days

This class has the intent to make you realize a usable tool. We’ll work together realizing a small object, starting from the coils as usual. The shape realized in the first part of the workshop will be decorated during the second part. The raw object will be decorated with colors (Engobbi) and / or engravings. Each participant will decide whether to have the dry and fired piece sent home or leave it at the laboratory.

It can be attended without any previous experience.

Duration: first day 3 hours, second day 3 hours.

It has limited number of participants.

“Ceramic Snack” | Introduction to the Coiling Technique | 3 hours in 1 day

The workshop is designed to be an emotional and interactive experience where anyone can practice the basics of the Coiling Technique and shape his/her own clay object. You will realize the so called “biscuit”, which is the rough piece of clay, that you will build during the workshop. Each participant will decide whether to have the dry and fired piece sent home or leave it at the laboratory.

It can be attended without any previous experience.

Duration is 3 hours.

It has limited number of participants.

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