Coiling Technique

The Coiling Technique

The Coiling Technique (in Italy known as colombino or lucignolo) is one of the oldest method to create objects with clay. The clay is worked in the form of ropes (called colombini), which are rolled over each other giving shape to the object.

After making the object, when the clay is still not dry, I proceed with its decoration with the “engobbio”, a clay-based color. Than the piece is baked in a kiln at 960 °C. At this stage the clay changes color from grey to red and takes the name of “terracotta” or “biscotto”. The next phase consists in glazing the object and make a second backing at 960 °C.

Rarely the objects made in colombino are perfectly symmetrical, but this is their beauty: they preserve the handmade touch that is unique in every piece.

The Coiling Technique is a relatively slow and contemplative method, it requires some patience, so if you want to order a ceramic object you also have to be patient and wait about two, maximum three, weeks before you can get your piece. Discover here what is the workflow from order to shipment.