When you purchase something on the Online Shop you immediately receive the order confirmation email.

From this moment my production process starts.

There are three main scenarios:

1) You choose a product already in stock

I immediately proceed with the shipment preparing the box and bringing it to the shipping company. This is a rare case as I do not work with many stock items (I literally would not know were to put them!) but it may happen, especially for small objects and most popular colors.

2) You choose a product not in stock

I start working on it. When you choose to purchase at my shop I assume you are aware that you are buying a genuine handmade object, outcome of the creative and artisan manufacturing process that I perform relying only on my capabilities. This means that it requires some time to do it. In some case, I have to procure materials and color before I can start the production. In every case, I have to respect the schedule requirements deriving from working with clay. If you want to know more about how I work, please visit the page How I Work. Basically, you shape the object rolling coils one by one (hours, maybe days), then you put colors (hours), then you wait the clay to gradually dry (from five to ten days), then you proceed with first cooking (one day from heating to cooling), then you put glazes (hours), then you have the second cooking (again one entire day). Sum it all up and it is easy to figure out why I prefer to state that from order to shipment it may take up to three weeks.

3) You choose the custom design option or something not present in the Online Shop Catalog

I start drafting a first design of the object, based on your first specification. Then we get in contact and exchange information to reach a final design that fits your expectations. Then, I start working on it as described in item 2) above.